is in the next castle!

V annual festival for gamers and developers
2017 in Saint-Petersburg

What will be on NextCastle 2017?
NextCastle is the festival for everyone who love games.
Developers, gamers, amateurs and professionals
we’ve got place for everyone in the Castle.
visitors from
different countries
for everyone
is the biggest collection of retro devices in CIS
presentation of new games from independent developers
Advanced day
speaker’s performances
board games, contests, cosplay
PC-game tournaments
А virtual reality
future is already here!
Star program:
Only the most interesting speakers and guests
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Where will it all be?
We had moved!

Now we’ve got much more space!
NextCastle 2017 will take place in Saint-Petersbourg at the StreetArt museum by the address Revolutsii road, 84 Indoor and outdoor areas, tasty foodcourt, trade and activity zones, well, you’ll get enough place.

And the bravest ones can stay for all the night.
We will prepare everything necessary.

Instruction for those, who decided to stay
It’s time for tickets!
Prices will rise very soon. Be in time!
Who is already with us?
Sponsors of NextCastle 2017.
Do not miss the prize draws!
Become a partner
Don’t be bored while waiting,
see you soon!
How NextCastle passed
Generally festival gives you much more than a developer of an amateur game can expect. It’s just like a holiday! :)
I wish festival to grow  and develop.
Oleg Kozlov
That was cool, thank you for the experience, for the communication, I wish you to grow and succeed!
Stepan Kruchkov
That was cool, thank you)))
Ivan Antonishin
You made a cool weekend, it was nice to meet some developers and give a try to their games, and to see some acquaintances from Starkon and Comiccon. —That was kool!👍
Vadim Vladimirovich
NextCastle Party 2015 — festival of indie and retro games.
Our redaction visited the creative space «Tkachi» to see NextCastle party 2015 — festival of indie and retro games.
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NextCastle Party 2015
NextCastle combined several generations of gamers, representatives of different eras, starting from 80-s and ending this time.
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NextCastle party: the festival of indie and Retro in Saint-Petersburg
NextCastle gathers lovers of the «Game» in  all its forms, from independent developers to oldschool gamers.
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The NextCastle festival gathered together gamers and developers
Gaming festival NextCastle for Indie— and Retro-games took place October 31 — November 1 in Saint-Petersburg in the creative space “Tkachi”
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You often ask
Can I buy a ticket
at the entrance?
Can I start making games
after visiting the festival?
Which prizes would be given for
winners of competitions?
I like what you do.
How can I help?
I have been developing games for a long time.
What could be interesting for me?
There is a rarity, dusting under my bed.
Maybe it’s time to take the dust off it?
Do I really can try and play
Save the princess!

Saint-Petersburg, Revolutsii road, 84
<<Street Art museum>>

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